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Inside Guide to Newport Beach and Orange County

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Vacation Living Like Nowhere Else

From a Jazz festival to a yearly sand castle contest, vacationing in Newport is not only affordable on all budgets but also a sure-fire sunny stay with its yearly temperature hovering around 70°F, finding the right hotel is an easy first step to take before the vacation simply takes hold of you from there.

Newport Beach is accessible not only by plane and car but also by a nearby rail station. Hotels are affordable, All are located along or around the coastline. Shopping, like in any vacation town, is a heavy tourist attraction here; Fashion Island is the premier shopping center in not just Newport Beach but also Southern California.

To be a true vacation town, one must need at least one golf course… and Newport Beach has enough to count on both hands. From the legendary Pelican Hill Golf Club to Newport Beach’s city golf course, there are enough greens to last a handful of vacation visits. A few museums are scattered around, including the Orange County Museum of Art, a collection of nineteenth century and contemporary art. A nautical and sports museum are also open for visitors; Newport Beach has some of California’s best museums.

California has its hot spots, and Newport Beach is definitely one of them; beach town, nightlife, activities for the entire family, constant climate, there is all sorts of things one could do in a week’s time in the city. 


Los Angeles is a short drive away, while San Diego is but an hour’s drive south. Do a little research for yourself, and you’ll agree that Newport Beach is definitely an Orange County consideration.

When visiting Newport Beach, vacationers often take the Catalina Flyer across the ocean to visit Catalina Island, taking around an hour and fifteen minutes, and a handful of daytime and nighttime activities are up for the taking, perhaps for a romantic one-night getaway. Like many coastal California cities, Newport Beach has its share of sportfishing. The Balboa Fun Zone is a local amusement park that is a great place to spend a few hours, whether you are a toddler or on a date. Cheap ride tickets range from $1.25-2.50, with no entry fee to get in. Opened in 1936, the Fun Zone features a Ferris wheel, places to eat, games of skill, all sorts of activities you really need to check out for yourself.

A taste of Newport is a rich one, and by all means, Newport Beach beckons to be considered when a vacation town is in the hunt.